Exciting Updates to the Report Builder

The Report Builder on Trade Trak is one of the features that sets us apart from other job management apps. However, for some time we have been aware that it was not the most user friendly and was somewhat limited in its capabilities.With that in mind, we’re very excited to announce that the Report Builder has now been upgraded.You can still access it the same and the appearance is largely the same. However, there are a few key differences in the fields that you can add to your report.The updated field types include:

  • Text
  • Text answer
  • Multiple choice
  • File upload
  • Signature
  • Date/Time
  • Table - NEW *Create custom tables to store your data in a convenient manner
  • Location - NEW *Have your team log their location when filling out reports

These fields have been removed:

  • Yes/No This has been merged with ‘Multiple Choice’
  • Tick/CrossCan be managed with ‘Multiple Choice’
  • Short Text Answer / Long Text Answer Both have been merged and are now just ‘Text Answer’
  • Multiple Choice - Single AnswerCan now be distinguished under ‘Multiple Choice’
  • DropdownCan now be distinguished under ‘Multiple Choice’
  • Image UploadHas now been merged with ‘File Upload’

You’ll also have the ability to:

  • Hide questions from the PDF if they have not been answered
  • Make questions dependent on responses from other items in the report *

* Please note that these new features are part of a paid subscription which costs 10 job credits per month. If you would like to activate the subscription, you can do so here.

All of your pre-existing and purchased templates have been updated to match the current fields, which may mean they show slightly differently to in the past. For example, tick/cross questions will now appear as yes/no.If you’d like to see the upgraded Report Builder in action, click here to watch our walkthrough video. We also have a help guide available here for a step-by-step guide while you test the Report Builder out for yourself.

Whilst the Report Builder has gone through thorough testing to ensure the upgrade is as seamless as possible, if you experience any issues with using reports, please make sure to get in touch with our team as soon as possible through the live chat.Here's a preview of the new Report Builder: