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10 September 2019

Saving Time and Money with Timesheets

While many tradies have already made the switch to take their businesses online with job management software, timesheets are often sadly forgotten in this process. If your company is using them (and regularly), you’re a step ahead of the rest. However, keeping a digital log of employee’s hours not only helps to increase efficiency, but …

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Tradie Tips: 7 Ways To Improve Your Invoicing Process

It should go without saying that in order to get paid, you need to be invoicing. However, too often we hear stories of electricians simply forgetting to bill their clients, and sadly, not all customer...

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Four Reasons to Hire an Apprentice

All tradies need to start somewhere. For apprentices, the benefits are obvious. The individual is offered an opportunity to enter the workforce in paid employment and learn a trade while working towar...

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Tradie Tips: Building a Trusted Business

Building a business that customers can trust should always be a top priority for tradesmen, and with so much competition on the market and available at the press of a button, it’s now more important...

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Tradie Tips: Following Up on Quotes

Regardless of whether or not you have given a potential client an estimate on the spot, or attended a site to inspect and quote, you need to be following them up. Sitting around waiting for customers ...

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The Importance of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) are vital in keeping you, your staff and your subcontractors safe at work when completing high-risk construction work, and are a central part of any worksite’s occ...

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Tradie Tips: Managing Subcontractors

The performance of your subcontractors can reflect directly on your business, and as they aren’t full-time employees, it can sometimes be a tough job managing their responsibilities and keeping up m...

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Welcome to Burdens Customers

In April 2019, Trade Trak launched a collaboration with Burdens Plumbing in a venture to supply them with a state of the art trade portal. The portal that we have designed allows Burdens customers to ...

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Tradie Tips: Taking Partial Payments

It’s every tradies nightmare to get to the end of a big job and have a client fall silent. If they’re refusing to settle their debts by the due date, it means that you have to waste your valuable ...

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Why Your Company’s Online Presence Matters

Have you been resisting taking your company online? You’re not alone. Many trades businesses have been slow to embrace the digital revolution, but this could be affecting business. Here’s why your...

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Tradie Tips: Charging Deposits

Deposits are a necessary part of invoicing - if you’re not doing it, you need to be! Taking a deposit gives both the business and the customer a level of protection if a job falls through. The D...

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Modern Marketing for Tradies

When was the last time you checked the White Pages or your local paper to find a company? And when was the last time you even held either of these items? Most likely a long time ago. Your customers ar...

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5 Tips for Reducing Cashflow Problems

Every company has highs and lows with cash flow, this is a completely normal part of business. However, if you’re finding that at the moment the lows are greatly outweighing the highs, maybe it’s ...

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How Going Paperless will Boost Business

Have you been dreaming of a workplace without paper? Job management apps such as Trade Trak are making it easier for this to become a reality for you. Not only is it better for the environment, but it...

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Welcome to Trade Trak

Welcome to Trade Trak! We’re glad to see you here, despite the fact that our crossing of paths probably means that your company is facing troubles. Whether these problems are big or small, the goo...

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