Small Business Digital Adaptation Program

Trade Trak is proud to partner with the Victorian Government to help you to adapt to the digital operating environment and prepare for COVID normal. The government has committed $20 million to deliver this important program that is open to Victorian businesses from all industry sectors. 



What is the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program?

The Victorian Government is investing $20 million into the small business sector, offering reimbursements to small businesses who try new digital software that is designed to increase the business’s digital capabilities. After the success of the initial run of the program in the first half of 2021, they have decided to extend it. Applications for the program will now close on the 5th of December, unless funds are exhausted prior to this date.

Visit Business Victoria to find out more information on the new program.

Am I eligible for the reimbursement and how much will I receive?

Provided you haven’t used the new software you’re signing up for previously, or are upgrading your current service, you are eligible to receive a reimbursement of $1200 after providing evidence you are continuing to use the new software to the Victorian Government when they contact you.

If you are a new Trade Trak customer, you can use this rebate to pay for the jobs you create in our comprehensive job management system, pay for training, SWMS and report templates, or the quotes upgrade.

We also have a special deal for program participants to help you make the most of your rebate. Check this out here.

To be eligible for the $1200 reimbursement, you must:

• Have held a valid ABN since 13 September 2019
• Be a sole trader, micro business or small business
• Operate your business in Victoria
• Be registered for GST on 12th September 2020
• Either be a new customer to the product, be upgrading your subscription for more functionality on the product or be resuming your subscription with a product that you haven’t used for over a year
• Pay for the subscription yourself

How do I sign up for the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program?

To sign up, simply follow the steps outlined in the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program Guidelines or enter your ABN on the Business Victoria website to see if your business is eligible for the program.

How do I sign up for Trade Trak so I can use my reimbursement on an all-in-one job management system for my business?

If you would like to immediately begin using our job management app, you can easily sign up for Trade Trak here.

If you would like to know more about Trade Trak or how you can use your Small Business Digital Adaptation reimbursement with us, you can find more information here or contact us and we will discuss how Trade Trak can help your business grow.

For the duration of this program, Trade Trak is offering Victorian businesses a special offer to help them make the most of the rebate. To find out more information about our deal, click here.