New Share Features

30 March 2021

Our share screen has been updated!

It’s now easier to use than ever, while giving you greater flexibility over what and how you choose to share.

Old Share Screen

Previously on the old share screen, you were limited in your options.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you could:

  • Enter an email into the text box
  • Select an email from the suggestions list
  • Write a message

And in order to share via a generated link, you had to click on ‘show advanced options’. Here you could also see the history of sharing for that item.


New Share Screen

You’ll notice below that the new share screen is more sleek and compact, but has added functions.

The share screen now provides you the option to:

  • Share via link without the need to generate or open advanced options
  • Choose your from address
  • Manually enter the email/s you would like to send the item to
  • Select an email from the suggestions list
  • Add a subject for the email
  • Enter your message, and use the WYSIWYG editor to alter the formatting and appearance of the text
  • Add attachments, on top of the item you’re sharing
  • Create a copy of the email in the job’s notes.


If you have any issues or feedback while using the new share features, please make sure to let us know by using the live chat.