New Burdens Portal App – Coming Soon!

27 October 2021

Trade Trak’s Burdens Portal app is almost here! By the end of November, you’ll be able to download the new app from the Android and IOS app stores and access the collaborative portal quickly and easily from the home screen of your device.

This new app will help streamline the process of ordering Burdens products while using our comprehensive job management system. You will be able to manage your Burdens account, view statements, orders and invoices, and create material orders easily in-app. 

You will also have access to tens of thousands of Burdens products with live pricing, all available for immediate purchase by sending through orders to your nearest Burdens store.

Key Features:

Orders and Invoicing

All of the Burdens material orders, accounts and invoices you have created are easily accessible in our Burdens Portal.

Products and Pricing

Easily view and search for Burdens products in the app. With live product pricing, you can accurately calculate the cost of your jobs. 

Job Costing

Assign your Burdens invoices as a material cost to a specific job to easily track job profitability.

Material Orders 

Create material orders from a wide range of Burdens products available in the app and send them directly to your chosen nearby Burdens store. 

Store Locator

Use the in-app map view to locate any Burdens store, check their opening hours and easily retrieve their contact information. 

This app will be available to download for all Trade Trak users who have signed up with Burdens. 

If you would like to find out more about the new Trade Trak Burdens app and how it could help your business, please feel free to reach out to us at