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Facilities Maintenance

No matter the size and scope of jobs you maintain to the highest quality, Trade Trak is the ultimate tool in helping you manage and grow your facilities maintenance business. Our comprehensive job management app lets you manage all your tasks, employees and contractors in one place, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture rather than just trying to stay on top of your many spinning plates.

Trade Trak has many great features that will help you maintain your facilities such as quoting, invoicing, task management, job profitability charts and much more. Our extensive project management feature allows you to create jobs in which you can manage all tasks, whether it’s recurring maintenance or emergency works, and manage subcontractors so you and your clients are always aware of where your staff are and what works need to be completed.

Key Features

Quoting & Invoicing

Trade Trak contains an advanced quoting and invoicing system to keep your client interactions and accounting in check. Our highly customisable quotes can be created, have pre-set and new items added, saved as templates and can be sent to your client immediately on-site. You can create as many quotes as you want for free to account for variations. Our comprehensive invoices can be easily pre-filled from past quotes and jobs and keeps track of all payments made to the invoice, whether partial or full.

Recurring Jobs

Facilities maintenance often requires multiple return visits on a job. On Trade Trak, you can create recurring jobs to ensure you never miss your required bookings. You can add jobs to larger projects, allocate staff and prepopulate your calendar. You can also have recurring jobs and spontaneous visits running at the same time on the same project. Trade Trak's many systems will help you maintain contract requirements and keep your client satisfied.

Custom In-Field Reporting

With Trade Trak's Report Builder, you can create custom report templates for your team to use so you can stay updated on any progression or completion of jobs. These reports can be signed, printed or downloaded and can be used for a variety of functions such as attendance registers or maintenance reports.

Subcontractor Management

Invite subcontractors to any job so you can manage their workload, keep track of their progress and allow them to complete necessary functions such as SWMS and reporting. You have full control over the level of access subcontractors have to the app so you can ensure they only see relevant information to them. GPS tracking capabilities also allow you peace of mind that your subcontractors are where they're meant to be.

On-Site Safety

Complete all necessary safety requirements on site with Trade Trak. The extensive reporting feature will allow you to hold toolbox meetings, complete risk assessments, perform hazard identification and create safety checklists from wherever you are.


Create fully customisable Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for facilities maintenance jobs to ensure the safety of your team and keep your business in line with OHS laws. Trade Trak also offers a wide variety of SWMS templates for purchase from our template store to streamline your safety procedures.

Project Management

Trade Trak allows you to set up jobs for just $1. You can return to this job as much as you like, set up sub-jobs within the job and set up tasks for different team members in the same job. This makes Trade Trak a great tool for large sites that require facilities maintenance. Trade Trak also allows you to allocate multiple subcontractors to a job with transparency around who's on site, what's been completed and any outstanding works.


Trade Trak's advanced timesheet system allows you to track the activity of you and your team throughout the week and see how many hours are being spent on specific jobs. You can also add in non-job items such as RDO's, sick leave and public holidays so you can ensure your team is correctly paid for the work they complete.

Booking Form

With Trade Trak's Booking Form feature, you can create a fully customisable booking form which will have jobs automatically created in Trade Trak when filled out by your clients. No more phone calls or scheduling apps, clients simply have to follow your unique link and fill out your pre-chosen fields and your jobs will appear in the platform.


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