Trade Trak's advanced job management software features will help you to manage your business better.

Job management

Creating and managing jobs has never been easier. Keep track of your workload by using customised job statuses, and add users and sub-contractors.


Trade Trak’s Scheduler feature allows for flexible allocation of work to a user or job’s calendar, which can be viewed by the day, week, or month. You can even input non-job items for users, so if your workers are sick, have an RDO, or are perhaps completing external training on any given day, you’ll be able to schedule this.


Trade Trak allows you to invite sub-contractors to any job and makes managing their workload simple. Once added, subbies have restricted access to the app, but are still able to do what's needed to get the job done, including completing reports and SWMS, and uploading files directly from the worksite.

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Add notes to any job, quote, invoice or task. Keeping notes within jobs help to save time on the job site. Record pin codes needed to enter buildings, measurements for job sites, or to keep track of conversations had with the customer. Your workers will also be able to keep you updated on their progress on the job, without having to waste your time with a phone call.

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Create tasks within jobs on Trade Trak and allocate them to any team or user to help break up the workload. Set due dates and times on tasks to alert your workers when a job needs doing, and add notes to include any details they may require.

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Trade Trak’s quote templates are fully customisable and simple to use. It’s so quick and easy that you can have a completely itemized quote created in a matter of minutes. You customers can approve, sign off on the quotes and have it sent to their inbox before you’ve even left the job site.

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Trade Trak helps to keep your accounting in check with the advanced invoicing system. Your invoices are generated using past quotes from jobs, meaning the information prefills and they’re ready to go in second. Choose to either invoice in full, or if you’re charging for deposits or partial payments, you have the option to invoice by a percentage, dollar amount, line items or even raise a credit note. Trade Trak will keep note of payments and outstanding amounts should you choose to partially invoice, so it takes all of the guesswork out of it for you!

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Take payments on the spot and record them within the app. Trade Trak allows you to manually record payments taken via credit card, EFTPOS, cash, cheque or bank transfer, or link your Stripe account to receive and record payments automatically. You’re also able to record partial payments by dollar value or percentage which is great for jobs where you're paid in instalments!

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No matter what device you’re accessing Trade Trak from, users are always able to sign off when needed. Have customers sign off on quotes and invoices in real time, and have your workers signing their custom SWMS forms before starting work for the day. Signatures are recorded with time and date stamps against all documents, which can be accessed at any time.

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Safe Work Method Statements are a must for almost every job site these days. Make your life a little less stressful with Trade Trak’s fully customisable, job-specific SWMS. There are a number of PPE items already in the system, but it’s easy to add more if needed. Add workers or subbies to the SWMS and have them sign off on the spot. Each signed report will be filed under their jobs for safekeeping, so you never have to go scrounging through paper files again.

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There’s no need to leave a paper trail anymore, build custom reports within Trade Trak, assign them to jobs and have your workers sign off on them. Your company may require job completion or white card reports, so once you build them in the app, they’re there forever and can be downloaded into a PDF for quick sharing - saving you time and the hassle of storing paper forms.

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Easily add attachments to any job, quote, or invoice within Trade Trak. Take photos to show progress on a worksite and upload to jobs, or add in any documents that may be required later such as certificates or blueprints.

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Activity Feed

View a live feed of all your job activities. See the updates in real time on your dashboard, including edits, status changes, added documents with image previews, user inclusions and more, all without even having to enter the job.

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White Label

Make Trade Trak your own and add your company’s name, address, contact details, logos and colours. These customisations will be used in all of your future documents templates, so not only does it add a professional touch, but also saves you time when quoting and invoicing. In addition to this, you can create custom domain names, and use custom email addresses and SMS names so your customers really know it’s you.

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Never miss a job again when you receive notifications straight to your phone. Reminders can be sent via SMS, email and within the app itself, which will warn you when you’ve been added to a job, scheduled for a task, or when a job is nearing a due date. Adjust your notification settings to suit yourself and your team.

Data Export

Trade Trak allows its users to easily export the data they need - we will never hold it hostage! You’re able to transfer all jobs, contacts, reports, expenses without any hassle or extra cost from us.


Use your favourite accounting systems in conjunction with Trade Trak. Our app integrates with Stripe, and you can export data such as invoices and expenses to MYOB and Xero to make your life that little bit easier.

Time Sheets

Trade Trak enables each user to be able to complete weekly timesheets based on their jobs and hours completed. Our advanced timesheet system monitors your activity on the app throughout the week, and will self-populate information about jobs you viewed, reports and SWMS you completed, or when and where you were scheduled. Timesheets also allow for the input of non-job time, such as travel between jobs or meetings.


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