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Trade Trak and ServiceM8 are both web-based trade management apps. While ServiceM8 has four different payment options which affect your level of access to features, we’ve chosen to compare the Growing Edition. Where ServiceM8 Starter Edition largely differs from Trade Trak is with their customer portal, offline access and online booking system. However, Trade Trak offers features such as the Report Builder, SWMS, and little details such as signature capture, customisable statuses, and file annotations.

Feature comparison


Both apps operate on different pricing plans. On Trade Trak, you pay $1 for each job and automatically have all of the base features at your disposal. On the ServiceM8 Growing Edition, you pay a monthly fee and have limited functions. There are four different levels of payment plans for ServiceM8.

per job
per month

Number of Staff


You can add an unlimited number of users on both apps.


Trade Trak offers an in-app chat function which allows users to chat instantly with the team. Tradify has an in-app help request feature, but it is not live.

Customisable Permissions

On both apps you’re able to adjust permissions. On Trade Trak, you can create as many user groups as needed and change the permission settings for each.

Customer Portal

ServiceM8 has a customer portal where clients are able to view attachments, the status of their job, access invoices, book jobs or report issues that need following up. Trade Trak does not currently have a customer portal.

Quoting & Invoicing

On both apps, you’re able to create professional, itemised quotes and invoices to be shared with clients.


On both apps, you can manually record all payment types, or on Trade Trak you can connect Stripe, BPAY or QuickaPay for automatic credit card payments.


On Trade Trak, you can manually schedule workers for jobs, or non-job related items such as RDO’s and sick leave. ServiceM8’s system automatically schedules workers and shows where they have availability in their schedule.


Trade Trak allows you to create professional looking SWMS compliant templates for workers to fill out quickly while on the job. ServiceM8 has an electronic forms creator but it is not available for the Starter plan, and SWMS templates are an additional cost.

Report Builder

On Trade Trak you’re able to create reports from scratch to suit your company’s needs. ServiceM8 has this function, but not for users on the Starter plan.

File Attachment

ServiceM8 allows you to upload unlimited files to your account and attach them to quotes. Trade Trak allows you to do this, plus attach them to invoices, notes, SWMS and reports.


Trade Trak allows you to annotate any attachments uploaded to your account, and saves them as a separate file. ServiceM8 does not offer this feature.

Online Booking

On ServiceM8, if you use an API, your customers are able to use a feature that allows them to book with you directly online. Trade Trak does not currently offer this function.


Both apps allow you to add tasks for users and for jobs. Tasks can also be assigned and have due dates.


On Trade Trak you can easily apply statuses to all jobs, quotes and invoices. ServiceM8 only allows you to change the status of jobs.

Customisable Statuses

ServiceM8 only allows you to apply one of four pre-made statuses to your jobs. On Trade Trak you can create statuses that are specific to your company and assign a different colour to each.


Trade Trak allows you to take signatures from clients to approve quotes, and can be sent to them to obtain a signature remotely, or from workers to agree with SWMS and reports. This can be done on any device using a touch screen or a mouse. ServiceM8 has this feature available for clients, if they use your device.

Accounting Integrations

ServiceM8 integrates with accounting software and allows you to import clients, items, invoices and payments. Trade Trak is in the early stages of developing this feature and as such, only allows for exporting data such as invoices and expenses.

Offline Access

ServiceM8 users can access job information offline and any data that is entered will automatically sync once online again. Trade Trak does not have this function currently.

Knowledge Base

Trade Trak has step-by-step articles that guide you through the app’s features. ServiceM8 also has an extensive knowledge base.

Support Videos

Both apps offer videos to help guide users through navigating the app. For Trade Trak, these accompany the knowledge base articles.

Email and Chat Support

Both apps offer full email and chat support for all customers.

Apps compared in July 2019. Last updated in August 2020.

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