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While Trade Trak is a web-based job management app, Deputy is a rostering and time management app with several job management features. Deputy has four different levels of payment plans (Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Premium & Enterprise). The Premium plan is the recommended option and has all the features of Deputy, so for the purpose of this comparison, we have chosen to review the Premium plan. Deputy is quite different to Trade Trak in that its main focus is scheduling rather than a full array of job management features whereas Trade Trak focuses on everything you need for a holistic approach to job management. Deputy boasts a wide range of integrations available that can elevate it to a fully function job management app, however Trade Trak already has many of these features in-built for ease of use.

Feature comparison


On Trade Trak, you pay $1 per job. With that, you have access to all of the app’s base features. Deputy’s premium plan (recommended) is $5.50 AUD per user per month.

per job
per user per month

Number of Staff


Trade Trak allows for companies to add an unlimited number of users and subcontractors at no extra cost. Deputy allows for an unlimited number of users, however each one adds to the overall cost.


On Trade Trak, you can add as many subbies as you would like. Subbies can log onto the app and see the relevant job information or their schedule. It doesn’t appear as if you can have subcontractors on the Deputy app.

Customisable Permissions

On Trade Trak, you’re able to adjust the permissions for user groups, and create as many of these as you like. Deputy allows you to change each user’s access level as well as assign them roles which have different access levels.


Trade Trak offers an estimating service by letting you calculate profits, add margins, add discounts and more. Deputy does not have any estimating features available.

Job Profitability

Trade Trak collates job expenses, purchase orders, timesheet entries, quotes and invoices to give you an in-depth overview of your job profitability. Deputy does not have any job profitability features.

Quoting & Invoicing

On Trade Trak you can create custom quotes, and once approved, turn them into an invoice within seconds. Deputy doesn’t allow for quoting or invoicing at this time.


Trade Trak integrates with Stripe, BPAY and QuickaPay so that users can take automatic payments via credit card, bank transfer, or via instalment plans as well as allowing for manual payments such as credit card and cash payments. Deputy does not appear to have a payment feature in-app.


Trade Trak allows you to easily schedule your jobs and non-job related items on the user calendar for events such as RDO’S or annual leave. Deputy also allows for in-depth scheduling of tasks for users.


Trade Trak has a comprehensive SWMS system with the ability to create in-app as well as a variety of accredited SWMS templates available for purchase. Deputy has contact tracing forms but that appears to be the extent of their safety reports.

Report Builder

Trade Trak allows users to create completely custom report templates and for those to be completed on the jobsite – these could include things such as job completion reports or site checks. Deputy has a new report builder, currently in the beta testing stage, that allows you to create reports from a limited number of templates such as sales data and training reports.

File Attachments

Trade Trak allows users to attach files to jobs, quotes, invoices, SWMS and reports. Deputy does not have any file attachment features.


On both apps, users are able to create tasks for both users and jobs, assign them and add due dates, reminders and notes.

Customisable Statuses

Trade Trak offers fully customisable statuses for jobs, quotes and invoices so you can clearly indicate what stage they are at. You can also choose different colours for statuses. Deputy does not offer statuses apart from task incomplete/complete.


On Trade Trak, you can obtain signatures on any device for quotes, SWMS and reports and even have multiple people sign off. Deputy does not seem to offer this feature for their reports.

Accounting Integrations

Trade Trak offers an automated integration with Xero, and you’re also able to export data to MYOB. Deputy has an extensive range of integrations available including Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and much more.

Mobile App

Trade Trak is a progressive web app that can be used easily on mobile and saved to your phone’s home screen. Deputy has an operational mobile app available on IOS and Android.

Offline Access

Trade Trak requires internet connectivity to be able to use our app. Deputy isn’t usable offline but does have limited, read-only offline access for certain features such as rosters and timesheets if they have been previously downloaded.

Knowledge Base

Both apps have an extensive catalogue of knowledge base articles for reference on how to operate the applications.

Support Videos

Both apps have a series of training videos to help users learn to use the software.

Apps compared in April 2021.

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