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Both Trade Trak and Crewtraka are job management apps, with an emphasis on coordinating jobs and team members. Crewtraka has four different levels of payment plans (6 pack, Basic, Premium & Pro). As the only difference between the plans appears to be the amount of crew and managers you can add, we have decided to review the Basic plan. While Trade Trak takes a holistic approach to job management, Crewtraka focuses more intently on scheduling of team members to jobs and either only allows for a shallow level of functionality in other areas or doesn't offer them at all. Unlike Trade Trak, Crewtraka does boast a equipment yard feature that lets you track and schedule work equipment, however it doesn't have any ability to create quotes or invoices.

Feature comparison


On Trade Trak, you pay $1 per job. With that, you have access to all of the app’s base features. CrewTraka has four different plans, all with the same features but with differing numbers of staff included. The Basic plan (with 10 crew and 2 managers allowed) is $149 AUD per month.

per job
per month

Number of Staff


On Trade Trak, you can add an unlimited amount of staff at no extra cost. Depending on the package you purchase, CrewTraka allows for a limited number of staff. The cheapest package allows for 5 crew and 1 manager, while the most expensive plan allows for 50 crew and 6 managers.


Trade Trak allows you to add an unlimited number of subcontractors who can log onto the app and see the relevant job information or their schedule. Crewtraka has a similar feature although they’re just called contractors.

Customisable Permissions

On Trade Trak, you’re able to adjust the permissions for any number of custom user groups you create. Crewtraka does not appear to have customisable permissions beyond adding a user as either a crew, contractor or manager.


Trade Trak offers an estimating capability by showing accurate profits and allowing for margins and discounts. CrewTraka does not appear to have any estimating features at the time of writing this comparison.

Job Profitability

Trade Trak has an in-built job profitability tracker which takes into account all job expenses, timesheets, products expenses and more to give you a detailed overview of a job’s cost and profit margin. CrewTraka also has a similar job profitability tracker in their app.

Quoting & Invoicing

Trade Trak allows you to easily create custom quotes and turn them into full invoices in seconds once approved. CrewTraka does not have any features that would allow you to create quotes or invoices for clients.


Trade Trak allows you to take manual credit card, cash and cheque payments for jobs and create custom credit notes. Trade Trak also integrates with Stripe, BPay and Quickapay for automatic transactions. CrewTraka does not have any payment-receiving functionality.


Trade Trak allows you to easily schedule your jobs and non-job related items on the user calendar for events such as RDO’S or annual leave. CrewTraka also allows you to schedule employees for job and non-job related items.


Both apps allow users to sign off on SWMS in-app for jobs requiring them. However, Trade Trak allows you to create your own SWMS in-app or buy templates from the template store, while CrewTraka only allows you to upload previously created PDF files for SWMS.

Report Builder

Both apps allow users to sign off on SWMS in-app for jobs requiring them. However, Trade Trak allows you to create your own SWMS in-app or buy templates from the template store, while CrewTraka only allows you to upload previously created PDF files for SWMS.

File Attachments

Trade Trak allows for various types of files to be attached to jobs, quotes, invoices, clients, reports and SWMS. CrewTraka also allows you to attach files to jobs and certain reports.


Trade Trak has the option to add tasks within jobs and assign them to users or subcontractors, making managing jobs remotely a simple task. CrewTraka has a Gantt chart feature that allows you to create and assign tasks.

Customisable Statuses

Trade Trak offers fully customisable statuses for jobs, quotes and invoices so you can clearly indicate what stage they are at. You can also choose different colours for statuses. CrewTraka does not appear to offer this feature.


Trade Trak allows single or multiple users to add signatures to quotes, SWMS and reports from any device. CrewTraka also allows users to attach their signature to reports and SWMS.

Accounting Integrations

Trade Trak offers an automated integration with Xero, and you’re also able to export data to MYOB. CrewTraka allows you to integrate directly with Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and any other accounting software.

Mobile App

Trade Trak is a progressive web app that can be added to mobile home screens and has full mobile functionality. CrewTraka currently offers both a web app and native mobile apps available on IOS and Android.

Offline Access

Trade Trak doesn’t allow for offline access and requires an internet connection to run. Crewtraka lets users perform limited tasks in offline mode.

Knowledge Base

Both apps have an extensive catalogue of knowledge base articles for reference on how to operate the applications.

Support Videos

Both apps have a series of training videos to help users learn to use the software.

Apps compared in May 2021.

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