See how Trade Trak can help you effectively manage your civil construction & infrastructure business and streamline your operations.

Civil Construction & Infrastructure

Whether your constructing bridges, tunnels or anything in between, Trade Trak is the ultimate tool to help you maintain and grow your business. Our comprehensive job management system will help streamline your workflow and make sure you avoid hitting any potential bump in the road.

Trade Trak provides key features that are essential for working in the civil construction and infrastructure sector such job tracking, task assigning, timesheet management, onsite communication and much more. Our app allows you to identify and manage risks and ensure safety measures are in place with the ability to create custom SWMS and reports on site, making quality assurance and risk assessment a breeze.

Key Features

On-site Safety

Complete all necessary safety and quality assurance requirements on site with Trade Trak. The extensive reporting feature will allow you to complete risk assessments and incident reporting, perform equipment management and create safety checklists from wherever you are.


Create fully customisable Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for high-risk civil construction jobs to ensure the safety of your team and keep your business in line with OHS laws. Trade Trak also offers a wide variety of SWMS templates for purchase from our template store to streamline your safety procedures.

Custom In-Field Reporting

With Trade Trak's Report Builder, you can create custom report templates for your team to use so you can stay updated on any progression or completion of jobs. These reports can be signed, printed or downloaded and can be used for a variety of functions such as toolbox meetings, equipment pre-starts or quality assurance of works.

Client Communication

Our extensive communication system allows you to communicate directly with clients immediately, on and off site. Simply and quickly share any necessary information with the client, send out and receive progress RFI's and complete detailed progress reports that will keep the client informed of how the project is tracking.

Subcontractor Management

Invite subcontractors to any job so you can manage their workload, keep track of their progress and allow them to complete necessary functions such as SWMS and reporting. You have full control over the level of access subcontractors have to the app so you can ensure they only see relevant information to them. GPS tracking capabilities also allow you peace of mind that your subcontractors are where they're meant to be.

On-site Communications

Civil construction jobs can often involve a variety of different jobs being completed by any number of workers on one site, so communication is essential. Communicate with staff and subcontractors remotely and keep up to date with a job's progress through Trade Trak's comprehensive features such as photo uploading, files, notes, task management and reporting.


Trade Trak's advanced timesheet system allows you to track the activity of you and your team throughout the week and see how many hours are being spent on specific jobs. You can also add in non-job items such as RDO's, sick leave and public holidays so you can ensure your team is correctly paid for the work they complete.

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