Trade Trak & Spetz: Our new partnership that will help complete your digital toolbox

Trade Trak is proud to announce our partnership with Spetz.

Spetz helps to connect tradies with quality, verified customers. Better yet, it’s on your terms. Service providers are able to select their availability and preferred location, and receive job opportunities matching that criteria. Spetz connects you exclusively to the customer so you won’t need to enter into bidding wars to win a job - you will be the only tradie to connect to the customer, so your chance of closing the job is very high.

When creating their job request, the customer is able to enter their preferred hours to be contacted, so there’s no time wasted chasing a customer when they’re unavailable. 

With Spetz, there are no monthly or commission fees. Instead, you only pay a small fixed fee for each job opportunity you receive. Prices start as low as $12 and you’re given two payment options - Top-Up where you pay for credits in advance and it only takes out what you use, or Use Now, Pay Later where you only pay for the service calls you have received at the end of the month. 

Once you have signed up for Spetz, all you have to do is turn on your Trade Trak integration in the app and all your Spetz job enquiries will automatically be converted into jobs in your Trade Trak account for you to schedule and manage. 

As a special offer for all Trade Trak users, anyone that signs up through this link will receive $200 worth of credit to use on receiving verified customers through Spetz. 

If you’re looking for work… look no further than Spetz!