Permitted Worker Permit Details and Download

Overnight, further details surrounding the permit system were released by the government. Full details on the Permitted Worker Permit and who is eligible to use it are available on the Permitted Worker Scheme page, which can be accessed here. However, you can download the official Permitted Worker Permit file here. From 11:59pm tonight (5th of August, 2020), any worker who is still in an industry that is still eligible for onsite work under the Stage 4 Restrictions must carry this document with them at all times when at the jobsite, and when travelling to and from work. They are also required to carry photo identification. All details on this document must be filled out accurately, including:

  • Employer details
  • Employee details
  • Employee work location
  • Employer signature
  • Employee signature
  • Hours of work

This form can be printed and signed or signed electronically. The document can also be stored electronically. If the form is completed with false or misleading information and you’re in breach of the Permitted Worker Permit Scheme Directions, you may be liable to penalties up to:

  • $19,826.40 for individuals
  • $99,132.00 for bodies corporate

Additionally, if a person is diagnosed with COVID-19 or is deemed as a close contact, they cannot be provided with a Permitted Worker Permit or permitted to enter or remain on the work premises/jobsite. Penalties may apply for those that fail to comply, although further information on this is available in the document. Further details regarding Universal COVID Plans and how Trade Trak can help are still to come throughout the day - please keep an eye out for our emails and blogs.