Introducing a New Way to Pay: QuickaPay

At Trade Trak, we try our best to address the more common sources of pain for our users. We understand that one of the biggest challenges for trades businesses can be getting your customers to pay. To help combat this issue, we’ve introduced a new payment method.


QuickaPay’s mission is to solve the cash flow issues that many trades businesses face by making it easier for their clients to pay, therefore helping them to win more jobs. The app:

  • Is free to join and has no set up fee
  • Has no monthly minimums
  • Has an instant approval process
  • Does not run credit checks in order to get you signed up

With QuickaPay, you only pay if your customer pays, and you’re able to offer them two completely transparent ways to do this:

1. On the Spot Payments

QuickaPay allows you to take payment from clients instantly as they accept all major credit cards. All you need to do is have QuickaPay payments enabled when creating an invoice on Trade Trak. All your clients need to do is click the link at the bottom of the invoice, which will lead them to the payment portal.All credit card payments through QuickaPay incur a:

  • 1.75% transaction fee
  • $0.35 flat rate per transaction

2. Instalment Plans

One of the major advantages of using QuickaPay, is that your clients are provided with the opportunity to pay through installment plans. For instalment plans, the payments are spread fortnightly over 10 weeks (with one upfront) and are completely interest free. More importantly, they come at no risk to you as QuickaPay pay you upfront for the total amount (up to $20,000). This means that there’s no time wasted stopping work and chasing late payers. Although customers will be charged an additional $10 for each missed instalment, it’s completely in QuickaPay’s hands, so you’re free to complete the job and start a new one with no concerns about cash flow. Instalment Plans incur:

  • 5% transaction fees

The option to pay in instalments is designed to help you secure jobs. If transaction fees are of a concern to you, we suggest building them into your quotes and invoices on Trade Trak so you’re taking every cent you deserve. If you’d prefer not to offer this option to clients, it can be switched off on your Payments Settings page. Signing up for QuickaPay is free, quick and can be done here. Once you’ve created an account, check our tutorial guide here on how to link it with Trade Trak, or find out more information about the integration here. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us